Student welfare encompasses the mental, physical and emotional well being of student. The provision of student attendance is integral to providing for student welfare. Student welfare policies and programs are essential for developing a sense of self- worth and fostering personal development. This committee provides the remedial classes for weaker students who performed not well in unit test exams and the committee provides the books to the students till their main exams who are poor but regular. This committee also provides some financial support to the students who are intelligent and regular in the class.

Objectives :

  • The student welfare committee helps the students and to understand their unique personal abilities through interviews and assessment tests.
  • It helps to develop in students the interactive skills, such as translation, communication, and teaching skill.
  • The student welfare committee fosters the gifted and below average student as well as students with special needs and solves their academic, social and psychological problems.

Importance :

The importance of student welfare committee is to develop understanding and skills in communication and interpersonal relation. It develops a realistic and comprehensive self concept, enhance their self esteem and develop their interest and abilities. It helps to develop their personal values and their skill in decision making.