Community health programs provide treatment, special clinics, education, and media campaigns that target a variety of issues affecting the health of a community. Many poor populations would have no other options for treatment without such neighbourhood clinics and community health programs.

The Community Health Nursing program helps the students to understand the principles and concepts of community health nursing and acquiring knowledge and develop professional skills in caring for clients in the community.


We the faculty members of the department:–

Believe that knowledge about the community health nursing among nursing students will ensure the students to understand different levels of health programmes implemented in the community.


  • At the end of the community health nursing course the student will be able to:- function efficiently as a community health nurse at various levels of health care delivery system.
  • Work effectively as a community health nurse by integrating principles of various levels of prevention.
  • Plan and organize various clinics including the principles of national and state level programmes.
  • Imparting a comprehensive nursing care. Demonstrate the right knowledge, skill, and attitude in caring for individuals and families in the community.
  • Record and reports, vital and day to day events that occur among families and communities.