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Teaching Methodology

 Pathology Lab :::

 The pathology lab is well organized and equipped to provide systematic practice session in practical lab work to generate confidence in handling and processing of clinical specimens. For this, laboratory provides facilities in terms of all necessary equipments such as good number of Microscopes for individual students, as the use, handling and care of Microscopes is primary and essential knowledge that every student must have. Our lab has Incubators, hot air ovens and Auto clave, Centrifuges and analytical Balance. Photoelectric colorimeters and Digital colorimeters are available for students to use and practice for colorimetric determination of various substances in plasma and other body fluids. Necessary chemicals reagents, glass wares and autopipetters are available in the lab for routine practicing. 

                Serological test kits are always available and students learn to practice various routine agglutination test such as widal, CRP, RA, RPR etc. on clinical specimen received from our attached hospitals and labs. Our learned faculty and demonstrators in pathology lab not only help and guide students to learn and practice the correct metrology but also develop a sense of responsibility while performing the towards the sick and suffering person.


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